All About October's Kit

Features the "Tiny Fantasy" mold exclusively designed by me & produced for Craft Kitsune.

+ UV resin

+ 2 supplies imported from Japan!

+ More surprises!


Recommended craft medium:

  • UV Resin (which will be included in the kit)!
  • You can also use 2-part resin.

Designs on the Mold:

  • 2 sizes of dragon
  • 2 sizes of ouroboros
  • 2 styles of castle in 2 sizes each
  • Fireball
  • Flame for dragons


  • The windows on the castles are indents & can be painted in.
  • The castles can fit inside our super popular book box design.
  • The flame is sized to work with both dragons.

Project Ideas:

  • Village in the sky complete with castles, dragons, clouds, etc. All enclosed in resin.
  • Fantasy theme book box.
  • Ouroboros earrings.
  • Enclose in resin dice for DND.
  • Use dragons as shaker bits.

2 Imported Supplies from Japan

  • The shading cases can store UV resin for future projects. . Perfect when making small projects. I always end up mixing too much UV resin in a color I need. Now I can store the rest and decide how to use it later. The opaque design prevents the UV resin from curing.

    The cloud material is a clay like, stretchy material. It comes apart in wisps perfect for making clouds.

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