December 2022: Top Requests

The last kit of 2022~

A couple of months ago, subscribers were polled on different theme ideas. Out of the potential themes, this was the most popular and anticipated! So, here it is!


A super value kit packed with handy craft goodies. These will aid in lots of your upcoming projects. 


The included supplies have been highly requested by subscribers. The below are perfect for using in multiple projects & different craft mediums. Plus, a mystery package of supplies will also be included!


Included supplies: 

UV Resin, 60mL

A large bottle of clear UV resin. Cures under UV light

What it's useful for: the possibilities are endless! Use inside silicone molds to create miniatures, jewelry, and more. Use it to add water to a diorama. Preserve items in a small vial. And more.

 Super-Gloss Sealer

A brush-on gloss sealer. Dries in 20-30 minutes

What it's useful for: Adding shine & protection to pieces. Use to instantly brighten resin pieces (especially if using a non-shiny mold). Or, use on clay. Also a perfect way to lock in paint or other details.


UV Gloss Varnish & Sealer

A brush-on gloss varnish & sealer. Cures under UV light in minutes.

What it's useful for: Quickly sealing and adding gloss to projects. This is a thicker sealant than the Super-Gloss Sealer. So, I love using it to seal dried flowers and add a protective layer on them.


Morandi Pigments

A set of two Morandi pigments in white & black. Mix into resin (both UV and 2-part).

What it's useful for: creating super opaque resin pieces. You can use the white as a base and then add other color(s) as you wish. Both require only a drop to achieve opaqueness, perfect for crafting resin pieces without any hardening issues.

Mystery supplies!

What's inside? Find out when you open up your kit! Includes supplies so you can complete finished projects using the kit.




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