DIY Stained Glass in Resin (Oct. 2020)

How To: Stained Glass Look

You can purchase the Stained Glass in Resin Kit while supplies last here.

Supplies Used:

◦ Pebeo VItrail Pain Set (Crimson, Lemon, Orange, Chartreuse, Sky Blue, and Gold)
◦ Pebeo Cerne Relief Outliner in Black
◦ 1:1 Ratio Epoxy Resin (100mL)
◦ Silicone Mold - Circle (5 inch inner diameter)
◦ Design Template (5 inch diameter circle)
◦ Pipettes


1. Pour an initial layer of clear resin into the circle mold. I use 40mL for this base layer. Follow the directions on the labels of the resin bottles. Tilt or use a popsicle stick to spread the layer over the entire surface. Wait at least 24 hours for this to cure/harden.



2. Select a template or draw your own! Place underneath the mold.



3. Trace the template onto the cured resin using the Cerne Relief Outliner. Cut the tip of the tube as close to the opening as possible to create thin lines. Practice makes perfect to squeeze out precise lines! You might find it easier to squeeze out some paste onto a silicone mat and use a small dotting tool to trace it on instead. Use a small amount at a time - the paste dries quickly! Wait at least half an hour for the outlines to dry (can take a bit longer if you made extra thick lines).



4. Time to apply the Vitrail colors! Use a different pipette for each color that you use. You can also mix colors together. Use the pipette to draw up and distribute the color onto your resin piece. The outlines will act as borders for the color. You can also use a Q-Tip to spread the color or dab the colors on (this will dillute color). Wait 24 hours for the Vitrail to dry.



5. Clean up the edges of the circle mold if necessary. Use Q-Tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and/or a dotting tool to do so. Be careful not to remove any of the color on the design itself or get any of the residue otto it.



6. Pour your top layer of clear resin into the mold. I use 40-50mL of resin for this. Wait at least 24 hours for this to cure/harden.



7. Pop your stained glass masterpiece out of the mold. You can display this on the included stand. You can also use super glue to attach hardware to hang it up.



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