F.A.Q. : February's Book Box Mold

This kit has sold-out but the mold is available for purchase separately.

Written Instructions:

1. Form the Base

Mix & pour your resin using the instructions on the bottles. To make the pages a different color from the cover, pour that color first. Either pour so there is a very small layer of resin on the flat portion of each cavity OR so that the resin sits inside the edges of the two book halves only. Make sure the resin seeps all the way down & around the edges. Wait a day and then pour the second (cover) color. Pour this resin inside the 4 hinge and 2 rod cavities. Ensure that you do not over-pour these 6 cavities (drip the resin slowly inside). It is better to slightly under-pour as the design will still function. Wait 24 hours for your resin to cure & unmold the pieces.


2. Assemble

Take 2 hinges and match them up with the rod through them (use the left image below). Do this again to make 2 pairs. Using the image on the right, glue the blue hinges onto the slots of one book half. Make sure both hinges fit and the pink hinges can rotate freely. Wait for the glue to dry & glue the pink hinges to the other book half. Be careful when using the super glue so that the hinges do not become glued together or to the rod!

3. Decorate

The possibilities are endless! Paint the covers and/or pages. Fill the inside portion how you’d like using clay, miniatures, found objects, etc. to create a diorama. Or use it to hold a piece of jewelry! Note - if you want use resin inside the book, do not pour above the first “notch” mark on the hinges or the hinge system will not work.

Quick F.A.Q.s

Q: How much resin does it take to complete?

A: 45ml to make one complete book.


Q: How large is the inside working space?

A: The inside of each book half is 2.4" x 1.8" and 0.4" deep. When you close both halves, you'll have around 0.8" of total clearance inside


Q: How large is book overall?

A: The full, closed book is 2.8" x 2.35" and 1.04" thick

Dimensions in Inches:

Dimensions in Centimeters:

Q: How does the hinge system work?

A: There are four "hinges" and two pins/rods on the mold. Simply pour resin into each of these cavities along with each book half. There are two spots on the "spine" of the book that each take two hinges. For each, you'll need to pair the two hinges up to where their openings align then add the pin inside. Place the two book halves next to each other. Place each hinge set to where they fit onto the ledges of each hinge spot. Super glue each hinge to the correct book side (be careful not to glue the hinges together!). It's kind of a long explanation, so it might be easier to watch in the YouTube tutorial.

Q: Can I sell finished crafts using this mold?

A: You are more than welcome to sell any creations made from the exclusive Craft Kitsune molds. However, do not re-mold or sell copies of the molds.

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