February 2023: "Pets"

An adorable, customizable kit.

Mix & match to build pets. Use the kit supplies and your creativity to bring them to life!

Featured project: pins! Turn your finished pets into cute wearable art using the included hardware.

Included supplies: 

  • "Pets" mold palette- exclusive
  • UV resin, clear 25mL
  • Morandi pigment in Beige
  • Morandi pigment in Orange
  • Silicone mixing cup
  • Dual-sided silicone mixing tool
  • Pin blanks with clutch backing (gold & silver colors)
  • Pet theme metal embellishments
  • BONUS gift: set of 3 paw tool covers

Designs on the mold palette:

  • Dog head with floppy ears
  • Dog head with shorter ears
  • Cat head
  • Fox head
  • Body style 1 (longer, rounded legs)
  • Body style 2 (shorter, rounded legs)
  • Body style 3 (longer, squared legs)
  • Body style 4 (shorter, squared legs)
  • Tail style 1 (long, thicker)
  • Tail style 2 (long)
  • Tail style 3 (fluffy)
  • Tail style 4 (short)






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