January 2023: Out of this World


A groovy, space-themed kit.

A survey was sent to current subscribers a few months back. One of the questions asked for a theme suggestion(s). Some frequent answers included: galaxy, alien, and space. And so, here is the kit you've been waiting for!

Out of this World

Included supplies: 
  • "Out of this World" mold palette- exclusive
  • UFO trinket box mold - exclusive
  • 2-part resin
  • Holographic powder
  • Iridescent film set
  • Rhinestones (for decorating the UFO)

Designs on the mold palette:

  • Cow
  • Person stance 1
  • Person stance 2
  • Satellite
  • Peace sign
  • Alien doing a peace sign
  • Alien standing
  • Alien head outline
  • Shooting star

Details on the UFO trinket box:

Includes top and bottom pieces to put together a fun & funky trinket box. Or, fill with LED light(s) for a cool display.

  • Top (UFO): . flying saucer design with a platform underneath to fit inside the bottom piece. Big enough crew compartment to stick an alien doing a peace sign inside.
  • Bottom (Beam): slightly angled, hollow cylinder. Embed pieces from the mold palette inside the mold walls to create an abduction scene.

Overall Sizing:

  • Top (UFO): 2.7" x 2.7" x 0.9" tall
  • Bottom (Beam): 2.5" x 2.5" x 1.5" tall 




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