November 2022: Winter Village

Craft a miniature winter village using the Nov. kit. Also pairs with the September Halloween Village kit, dollhouse mold, and house assembly mold. You can swap out the Halloween decor in your village for the changing seasons.

Included supplies: 

  • "Winter Village" silicone mold - exclusive!

Scroll down for all the designs on this new exclusive mold.

  • UV resin, clear

Perfect for curing inside the exclusive mold. Use with a UV lamp.

  • 28 types of embellishments!

Includes: miniature bears, gummy charms, metal butterflies, winter clay slices, heart clay slices, gems, and more.

  • LED light strand

Designs on the exclusive mold:

  • Sliding penguin
  • Small candy cane
  • Larger candy cane
  • Boxy gift box
  • Circle gift box
  • Snowman head
  • Snowman torso
  • Snowman body
  • Wreath


A few suggested projects: 

  • Change out decorations from a Halloween Village. Pairs perfectly with the House Assembly mold and Dollhouse mold.
  • Use designs from the exclusive mold & the included LED light strand to create a cute, winter-theme light strand.
  • Craft jewelry for festive events.




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