September 2020: Witch's Brew - Featuring the 1st Craft Kitsune Exclusive Molds

I am super excited to announce the very first exclusive mold for Craft Kitsune.
This design is a 2-part mold to make your own miniature cauldrons with bubbling lids. The cauldron is hollow inside as well, making it a perfect trinket box or a witchy gift box. The ladle sticking out from the top is part of the mold as well and makes it super easy to remove the lid from the cauldron.
I hope you are also excited for this mold and witch themed craft kit. This kit ships September 4th, giving you plenty of time to make spooky Halloween creations.

New sign-ups are open until sold out or on August 31st (whichever comes first). Select a plan here.

All plans come with fast, free shipping within the U.S.

Additional Notes

Both molds will be opaque- meaning they will not be compatible with UV Resin. Due to the larger, thicker size of the cauldron it is recommended to only use 2-Part Resin in any case. 2-Part Resin will be included in the kit as well.

This mold set is only available in the September Craft Kitsune box and will not be sold on its own.

The Design

The above is an image of the 3D model I built from scratch for the molds. I have experience with 3D modeling from high school (being on the Robotics club and class) that I have recently dusted off to bring my own mold ideas to life!
It's a rewarding skill for me and I look forward to designing even more molds in the near future :)
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