What is UV Clay?


UV clay lets you sculpt crystal clear crafts that cures just like UV resin!
This allows you to form projects with your hands without the need of a silicone mold. Opening up to new possibilities & shapes. You can also tint and color the clay to your liking, giving you even more creative freedom to create one-of-a-kind crafts.
Some projects ideas you can create: beautiful jewelry, intricate figurines, and waterfalls for dioramas.

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More information:

  • Work on a silicone mat to protect your workspace. 
  • Before using, apply petroleum jelly to your hands and the clay you will use.
  • Clay contents: Urethane acrylate, trimethylolpropane, trimethacrylate
  • Curing time depends on the UV lamp power. With a 2W UV flashlight curing time is 60 seconds for a 0.25" thickness piece
  • Storage: avoid sunlight, keep covered and sealed
  • Important: avoid contact with mouth and nose, wash hands after using
  • Made in Taiwan


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