2018 & 2019 Kits

December 2019: Unique Bezels

Make seven bezels in a variety of shapes & materials! Also included is a silicone mold to make your own bezel setting.

Included Supplies:
○ UV Resin - Clear 25mL
○ Ceramic Bezel - Rectangle
Ceramic Bezel -Irregular Shape
○ Wood Circle Bezel
○ 40mm Silver Hourglass Bezels (2)
○ Gold Wavy Ellipse Bezel
○ Wood Triangle Bezel
○ Dried Flowers Set
○ Crushed Shells Set
○ Light Purple Opaque Pigment
○ Tape Roll (made for UV Resin Crafting)
○ Brush-On UV Varnish & Sealer
○ Illustrated sticker designed by @aether.jay

November 2019: Delicate Jewelry

Make wire flowers. Make delicate, soft looking jewelry using chalk pastels & shrink plastic. 

Included Supplies:
○ Brush-On UV Varnish & Sealer Pink
○ UV Resin 10mL (Opaque)
○ Yellow UV Resin 10mL (Opaque)
○ White UV Resin 10mL (Opaque)
○ Chalk Pastels (12 colors)
○ 26 Gauge Craft Wire
○ Ring Bases (3)
○ Pin Findings (3 Sets)
○ Metal Findings Set
○ Shrink Plastic
○ Tape Squares (5)
○ Sandpaper
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

October 2019: LEDs in Resin

LEDs in 2-Part Resin.

Included Supplies:
○ 2-Part resin (1:1 ratio) - 200mL
○ Animal figure mold
○ Large alphabet & numbers mold
○ 1 meter long LED strand (10 lights)
○ 2 meter long LED strand (20 lights)
○ Semi-clear pigment dye in light purple
○ Chunky glitter - set of 12 colors
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

September 2019: Needle Felting

Starter kit for needle felting! 

Included Supplies:
○ Set of felting needles in 2 sizes
○ Wooden handle for needles
○ Felting mat
○ Finger protectors
○ Clippers
○ Awl
○ 12 colors of wool.
○ Sheep Set: wool needed to make one friendly sheep with glass eyes
○ Octopus Set: wool needed to make 8 octopus with hat accessories plus glass eyes
○ Square Bezel
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

August 2019: Decoden

Get started with decoden! Enough supplies to decoden 3 guided projects (card case, flower-shaped organizer, and miniature frozen yogurt) with enough left over to come up with your own creations.

Included Supplies:
○ Fake whip cream in 3 colors (white, pink and light blue) with screw-on nozzles
○ Deco sauce in 2 colors (brown for chocolate and yellow for caramel)
○ 40 cabochons in 4 themes (nautical, chocolate, happy, and baked goods)
○ Miniature fro-yo cup,
○ Rhinestone strand
○ Miniature stickers
○ Blank card case keychain with pink bell
○ Fake round sprinkles
○ Fake oreo dust
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

July 2019: 2-Part Resin

Make your very own jellyfish terrarium and mountain peak creations. Learn how to use AB Resin and experiment with glow powder, pigments, and more! Everything you need to get started with 2-Part (also known as AB Resin).

Included Supplies:

○ 200 mL of 3:1 ratio AB resin
○ Large gemstone silicone mold
○ Small cube silicone mold
○ Small mountain peaks silicone mold
○ Silicone measuring cup
○ Resin pigments in blue (semi-clear) and light blue (opaque)
○ SolarColorDust glow dust in Invisible Aqua
○ Popsicle sticks
○ Large silicone work mat
○ Miniature plastic jellyfish in 3 sizes,
○ Bonus mystery item
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

June 2019: Polymer Clay

Tools and supplies to get started with polymer clay! The focus is on polymer clay charms but you can also make figurines and whatever else your imagination comes up with!

Included Supplies:
○ Sculpey III Classics set of 12 colors
○ Acrylic paint set with 6 colors + paintbrush
○ Super-gloss sealer (15 mL)
○  Excel No 1 Light Duty Knife
○ Set of 5 double-ended dotting/shapeing tools
○ 2 paintbrushes perfect for miniature painting (size #00 and #000
○ Needle tool
○ e6000
○ Eye screws in gold and silver
○  Maneki neko embellishments (red ribbon, mini bell, and two sizes of gold coins)
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

May 2019: UV Resin Jewelry

Tools and supplies to make several UV Resin jewelry and accessories. 

Included Supplies:
○ 25mL clear UV resin
○ 10mL resin colorant in pink & green
○ Gem silicone mold,
○ BFF heart mold
○ Pair of chain-nose pliers
○ Box with 12 different types of embellishments
○ 2 blank phone grippies
○ 3 sheets of iridescent film (colors vary)
○ 18 inch gold necklace chain
○ 2 heart clip keychains
○ Blank gold star hairpin
○ Gold ring with star cutouts
○ Clear specialty tape for UV resin
○ 2 sizes/bags of gold jump rings
○ Illustrated stickers designed by @aether.jay

April 2019: Squishies

Supplies to make three custom squishies.

Included Supplies:
○ 3 blank squishies (styles random)
○ 7 colors of Scribbles 1oz fabric pain
○ Fabric glue
○ Paintbrush set
○ Double-ended dotting tool set
○ Paint cups
○ Fake sprinkles
○ Butterfly paint palette
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

March 2019: Herbariums

Traditional herbariums are dried floral arrangement mounted to sheets of paper for study. The herbariums you can make from this kit are set in crystal oil. All the supplies to make one full herbarium bottle and two herbarium pens. But, you are encouraged to gather your own flowers, fruit, and containers to make more if you are able to.

Included Supplies:
○ Herbarium glass bottle
○ Herbarium pens (2)
○ Crystal silicone oil, 240mL
○ Dried floral arrangement (Baby’s Breath, Sisal, Lagurus)
○ Sisal bunch
○ Dried flower mixed box
○ Dried fruit slices
○ Transparent design film
○ Labels for bottles
○ Styrofoam dome
○ Pipette
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

February 2019: Bezels

A great first UV resin project. Experiment with open bezels & fun craft supplies.

Included Supplies:
○ 15mL of clear UV Resin
○ 10mL semi-clear colored UV Resin in 5 colors (black, blue, pink, purple, and green)
○ Silicone mixing bowl
○ Jar of glitter
○ 2 jars of metal embellishments in 2 different styles
○ 3 piece gem-topped tool set
○ UV Flashlight
○ Black, acrylic open bezels (4)
○ 2-part wind chime bezels (2,
○ Gold circle bezel
○ Transparent design film
○ Clear tape
○ Gold tassel
○ Gold keychain
○ Star keychains (2)
○ Jump rings
○ Black cutout bookmark
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

January 2019: Air Dry Clay

All the supplies you need to get started, re-discover, or try new techniques with air dry clay. The focus is on miniature baked goods

Included Supplies:
○ Cosmos Air Dry Clay
○ Grace Color Sticks in Pink and Light Brown
○ Tamiya Baking Master (+extra applicator)
○ Tamiya Topping Master in Powdered Sugar
○ Fake Whipped Cream (Deco Whip)
○ Miniature cake stand
○ Fake sprinkles
○ Fake chocolate chips
○ Keychain blanks,
○ Eyepins
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

December 2018: UV Resin Ponds

Create your own fish ponds! The fish stickers are placed in 3-4 layers (depending on size) of UV Resin to create a 3D effect. The fish sticker styles are chosen at random.

Included Supplies:
○ 100mL of UV Resin
○ Masu cup (made in Japan)
○ Bamboo serving dish
○ USB mini UV lamp
○ Sticker sheet: plants & leaves
○ Small fish sticker set (7)
○ Large fish sticker set (2)
○ Illustrated Koi fish pond pin designed by @aether.jay