2021 Kits

December 2021: Subscriber's Choice

Included Supplies:
◦ 2-part, 1:1 ratio resin
◦ 30mL silicone measuring cups (2)
◦ Apple Green to Glow Ink
◦ Royal Blue (transparent) Ink
◦ Globe bases (16 & 20mm) silicone mold
◦ Globe bases (25 & 30mm) silicone mold
◦ Bottle pendant mold set of 2 silicone molds:
◦ Holographic powders- 6 colors
◦ Chameleon powder
◦ "Sugar" powder:
◦ Miniature penguins (2)
◦ Miniature people - 1:150 & 1:200 scale (20 each)
◦ Glue-on bead caps (8mm, gold & silver)

November 2021: Amber

Make 1:2 scale dragonflies, luna moths, and butterflies set in "amber"

Included Supplies:
◦ Exclusive insect silicone mold (1/2 scale)
◦ Geode shape silicone mold
◦ 1:1 ratio epoxy resin
◦ Clear UV resin
◦ Dried leaf assortment
◦ Copper foil flakes
◦ Iridescent film
◦ Transparent pigment - Amber◦ Black craft wire, 0.3mm x 10m

October 2021: A Tiny Fantasy

Make tiny fantasy scenes! Use resin (2-part or UV).

Included Supplies:
◦ Exclusive silicone mold: "A Tiny Fantasy" - 10 designs
◦ Silicone mold: hexagonal prism
◦ UV resin
◦ UV resin storage cases*
◦ "Cloud" material*
◦ Chameleon flakes: set of 6

*Imported from Japan

September 2021: Witchy

Featuring the exclusive clear, silicone mold- "Miniature Cauldron" mold modeled from scratch by the owner of Craft Kitsune.

Make your own miniature cauldrons complete with moveable rings, 3 lid options, and a handle piece.

Included Supplies:
○ Exclusive Miniature Cauldrons Silicone Mold
○ 25mL UV Resin
○ Pearly Pigment- Black
○ Halloween embellishments jar
○ Super glue
○ 3 sticker sheets (Halloween theme)
○ 3 styles of polymer clay slices

August 2021: Coral Reef

Make your own underwater coral reef environments.

Featuring the exclusive clear, silicone mold- "Coral Reef" with 9 designs modeled from scratch by the owner of Craft Kitsune.

Included Supplies:
○ Exclusive. Coral Reef Silicone Mold
○ 25mL UV Resin
○ Glow Pigment- Jade White to Glow
○ Pastel Powders - Set of 6 with applicators
○ Cylinder Silicone Mold
○ Woodland Scenics Sand

July 2021: 1/24 Scale Furniture

Get started with tiny interior design! Use resin with the included exclusive mold to cast 1:24 scale furniture & accessories. 10 designs are on this mold.

Included Supplies:
◦ Exclusive 1:24 scale furniture mold
◦ 2-part resin
◦ UV Resin
◦ Super gloss sealant
◦ Real wood sheets (2 finishes!)
◦ Miniature computer

June 2021: Desktop Accessories

Cast your own shadow boxes using 2-Part Resin. June features two exclusive, clear silicone molds - a box & its lid. The lid friction fits around the edge of the box to complete a flush shadow box.

The inside of the box is 3.6" x 3.6" & 1.6" deep. Fill them with your own creations, memorabilia, art, and more! Can also be used as a great diorama base. Since the boxes are flush, you can easily stack them together.

Included Craft Supplies:
◦ Exclusive silicone molds - shadow box base & lid
◦ 3:1 Ratio Resin (120mL total)
◦ Set of 12 metal foils (4 colors, 3 each)
◦ Sets of four corners in 3 styles. Two styles have 3 colors and one has 2 for a total of 8 sets
◦ LED fairy light strand (10 lights) - battery operated
◦ Reusable silicone mixing stick

May 2021: Japan Inspired Charms

Comes with UV resin supplies to make your own Japan theme charms & beads! Make Maneki Neko (with optional coin), Daruma, and Lanterns!

Included Supplies:
○ Exclusive Japan Charms Molds - Daruma, Lantern, Maneki Neko, and 2 Coin Options for Maneki Neko.
○ UV Resin (Clear, 25mL)
○ POSCA Paint Marker in 1M
○ Silicone Hole Makers (5 pieces)
○ Findings: 12 bead caps (gold & silver), 3 lobster clasps, & 50 eye pins (in 7 finishes)

Use the silicone hold makers to turn the Maneki Neko & Daruma designs into beads. These 2 molds also have a flat support on the bottom to prevent rolling.

April 2021: Resin Vases

Make your own vases - perfect for holding dried flowers & more!Includes two large, exclusive silicone molds designed by & produced for Craft Kitsune

Included Supplies:
◦"Half" Style Vase Mold (clear)
◦ "Flask" Style Vase Mold (clear)
◦ 100mL 1:1 Ratio Epoxy Resin
◦ Pressed Dried Flowers & Leaves
◦ 2 Dried Flower Bunches (imported from Japan!)

March 2021: Natural Garden Dioramas

Curated based on a growing trend from Japan - making miniature dioramas with garden inspiration.

Included Supplies:
○ Natural Garden Kit *
○ "JIYU-JIZAI" Soft Mono Wire- Black 0.9mm x 5meters *
○ Artificial Greens Pick *
○ Artificial Flowers Pick *
○ Lichen Moss - Dark Green
○ Surehold Super Glue (2-pack)
○ Tweezers

*Imported from Japan

February 2021: Book Box

Featuring the exclusive clear, silicone mold- "Book Box Diorama." Designed by and for Craft Kitsune! All-in-one mold hinge design allows you to assemble your book to open and close.

Included Supplies:
○ Exclusive Mold
○ 200mL 1:1 Ratio Epoxy Resin
○ Butterfly Embellishment Mix
○ Rhinestone Embellishment Mix
○ 5 Tiny Cork Top Bottles/Jars
○ Jellyfish & Water Ripple Design Film
○ 5 Piece Super Glue Set

January 2021: Polymer Clay Jewelry

Make your own polymer clay jewelry!

Included Supplies:
◦ Sculpey Premo™ Pastel Multi-Pack
◦ Pack of 100 Konpeito Beads (Made in Japan!)
◦ Brush-On Gloss Sealant
◦ Set of 7 Small Circle Cutters (for studs & making holes for jumprings)
◦ Acrylic Roller
◦ Silver Jewelry Findings
◦ Hollow Plastic Ball (2 Pieces)