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Just Desserts

Make your own miniature bakery! This kit includes an exclusive mold, air dry clay, 3D UV resin, and more!

The exclusive mold for the month includes lots of dessert designs! Each design has been 3D modeled, prototyped, and tested by yours truly. You can use UV & 2-part resin as well as clay in this mold.

The pieces are 1:12 scale in size. Use them in dollhouses, as jewelry, and in your various other projects!

  • Designs:
  • 1.2 inch Cake Layer
  • 1 inch Cake Layer
  • 0.8 inch Cake Layer
  • Baumkuchen
  • Jello (not shown)
  • Pudding
  • Taiyaki
  • Ice Cream Scoop
  • Ice Cream Cake Cone
  • Strawberry (Half)
  • Stroopwafel
  • Ice Cream Cake Cone

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