Rewards Program Info

How It Works:

Get rewarded each time your Craft Kitsune plan renews!

1 Month Renewal = 1 Point

Existing subscribers: log-in here to track your points. The image below shows the module in your customer portal that shows your points balance and then what the page looks like when you click "Choose my Reward" button.

You can use your points to claim gift vouchers to use in the Secret Shop! The Secret Shop contains lots of awesome craft kits & supplies straight from Japan! There are items ranging from the lowest voucher amount ($10) to the highest ($60). More items are added on an ongoing basis.

The link to the Secret Shop will be sent out to subscribers in e-mail every time you earn a point and once you redeem your voucher(s). But here is a sneak peek:

Terms & Conditions:

  • Exclusive to current Craft Kitsune subscribers. Cancelling your subscription will forfeit your loyalty points. You can skip a month by logging into your account if you want to keep your points but want to skip a particular theme.
  • You can use your voucher(s) as a gift card in the Secret Shop only, seperate from the main shop.
  • Vouchers are one-time use, so plan to use up the entire amount if possible!


Shipping will be free on Secret Shop orders anywhere within the U.S. Other countries will receive heavily discounted shipping.