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Tiny Fantasy Mold

Tiny Fantasy Mold

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Limited time bonus: free cylinder mold with purchase of this exclusive mold, while supplies last.

Mold designed by and for Craft Kitsune! This purchase directly supports the owner and sole employee (that's me!) of Craft Kitsune in my 3D design & mold making endeavors. 

Make tiny fantasy scenes! Use resin (2-part or UV) with this exclusive mold. Each design includes amazing details to customize.

10 designs are on this mold:

  • Ridges Castle Design - Larger
  • Ridges Castle Design - Smaller
  • Pillar Castle Design - Larger
  • Pillar Castle Design - Smaller
  • Dragon - Smaller
  • Dragon - Larger
  • Ouroboros - Smaller
  • Ouroboros - Larger
  • Fireball
  • Shooting Flame

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