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Clear Silicone Mold Maker (200mL) - Craft Kitsune
Clear Silicone Mold Maker (200mL) - Craft Kitsune

Clear Silicone Mold Maker (200mL)

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200mL set (100mL of each part) of clear, silicone mold maker. Make your own clear mold suitable for UV Resin (and 2-Part Resin) using this product.

You can watch our tutorial on Clear Mold Making, which includes a demonstration of this product here.


  1. Plan out your mold. Select the piece(s) you want and the appropriate sized cookie cutter or other housing apparatus for them.
  2. If using a cookie cutter, line the bottom with strong transfer tape. Other options are to use a disposable cup/bowl (does not require transfer tape in this case) or build your own walls using foam board.
  3. Stick your piece(s) inside, facing up onto the tape.
  4. Pour equal parts by volume (1:1) of the A and B silicone into a measuring cup. Stir for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Wait for 5 minutes for most of the bubbles to dissipate.
  6. Pour this mixture inside the your mold housing. Completely cover the piece(s) and add a bit extra.
  7. Wait 24 hours for this to set.
  8. Take your mold out of your housing and you are all done!
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Talissa P.
United States United States
Very quick delivery

I'm so happy this item was added a la cart after I asked the shop owner via email. How accommodating is that?! I love this silicone and the molds I've made are sturdy and clear enough to use with my UV resin. The tutorial on their youtube channel shows how to use it, and it's super easy. Thanks!

April S.
United States United States
Silicone mold maker

I really like this product. I'm also happy that Liz made a video on how to use this two part mold maker. I didn't know how to use this and the video really helped me. My molds turned out great. I will definitely be buying this again in the future. Thank you Liz :)