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Flower Petal Wire Gauge

Flower Petal Wire Gauge

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One wire gauge with 5 circle sizes.

Perfect for forming wire frames for resin dipped flowers & more.

How-To Use: 

(wire & dip not included):

 Using the gauge:

  • Select a gauge size & wrap the wire around it once . Wrap both ends of the wire together along the grove to create a secure base.
  • Wrap the wire again around the gauge. Tie off at the grove.
  • Repeat until your desired number of petals.
  • Slide the wire off & cut from the spool.
  • Fan out the petals to form a flower.


Use the gauge the create single petals and combine them later.

Shaping Petals

Use your hand the bend or pull the wire. Use pliers to create fine-tuned points, ridges, etc.

Purchase the UV Dip here.


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