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Koi Ponds Mold

Koi Ponds Mold

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Mold designed by and for Craft Kitsune! This purchase directly supports the owner and sole employee (that's me!) of Craft Kitsune in my 3D design & mold making endeavors. 


Resin lends itself perfectly to creating pond environments. 

This mold has two pond cavities:

  • Circle, stone style pond (takes 8-10mL of resin)
  • Square, brick style pond   (takes 25-30mL of resin)

Plus lots of designs to fill the ponds:

  • Koi, swimming right (larger)
  • Koi, swimming left (smaller)
  • Koi (smaller)
  • Koi (larger)
  • Frog
  • Lilypad (smaller)
  • Lilypad (larger, with cut-out & detailing)
  • Waterlily
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