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Dollhouse Mold

Dollhouse Mold

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Exclusive silicone mold for use with resin to make your own dollhouse with a hinged lid. Uses the same hinge system as the book box & treasure chest molds.

This dollhouse is roughly 1:48 scale. It is designed to work well with popular Halloween or Christmas village products on the market.

Designs on the mold:

  • 1 dollhouse base
  • 1 dollhouse lid
  • 1 door
  • 1 chimney*
  • 4 hinges
  • 2 rods for hinges

*The chimney can also be used with the House Assembly mold.

The shorter wall pieces from the House Assembly mold can be used to create room dividers for this dollhouse.

Resin needed to fill:

  • House base: 100-120mL
  • House lid: 50-60mL
  • Everything else (chimney, door, hinges, and rods): 10-15mL

Recommendation: mix 200mL to make one complete dollhouse.

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