Treasure Chest Mold
Treasure Chest Mold
Treasure Chest Mold
Treasure Chest Mold
Treasure Chest Mold
Treasure Chest Mold
Treasure Chest Mold
Treasure Chest Mold

Treasure Chest Mold

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*This is an exclusive, original design. * 

First round of orders ships with a bonus, gem shaped mold!

This purchase directly supports the owner and sole employee (that's me!) of Craft Kitsune in my 3D design & mold making endeavors. As with all items in the shop, this ships from the U.S.!

Designs on the mold(s):

  • Treasure Chest Base
  • Treasure Chest Lid
  • 2 Lid Side Pieces
  • 4 Hinges
  • 2 Pegs
  • 1 U-Shape for "Lock"
  • 1 Flat Piece for "Lock"


  • Treasure Chest Base: 2.73" wide x 2.12" deep x 1.4" tall
  • Treasure Chest Lid:  2.73" wide x " x 2.12" deep x 1.12" tall
  • Combined, closed:  2.73" wide x " x  2.12" deep x 2.52" tall

Resin needed to make one:

  • Treasure Chest Base: 40-45mL
  • Treasure Chest Lid: 20-25mL
  • 2 Lid Side Pieces: 4mLx2
  • Other accessory pieces: <5mL total

80mL total will make 1 complete chest.


Casting: Pour resin in each part on both molds. For the lid- pour slowly in the opening (circled). Wait for the resin to settle & even out, reaching the top on both sides. Follow your resin's curing instructions before unmolding.


  • Lid: Use a popsicle stick in the opening to carefully peel the resin piece from the silicone. Then, roll the mold down a bit so you can grab the piece and rotate it out of the mold.
  • Base: Fold the mold down around the piece. At the bottom, gently pull the inside silicone from the piece.
  • The other pieces will demold easily.

Hinge assembly: Place 2 hinge pieces with rod through both as seen below. Make two of these sets. Hold the chest lid so the slots match with the chest base. On the base- glue one hinge from both sets on each slot . Be careful not to glue the hinges together! Wait for this to set. Then, glue the second hinge from each set onto the lid slots.

Sides for lid: Glue the side piece in place. Try to leave as little gap between the base and lid as possible when the chest is closed.

"Lock": Add the flat piece to the middle, bottom ridge of the lid. Align the u-shape on the middle, top of the base so that they close together.