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UV Dip for Wire Flowers

UV Dip for Wire Flowers

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One jar of clear UV dip, 30mL. Perfect for creating resin dipped wire flowers & more.

How-To Use: 

Forming Wire Flowers

(wire & gauge not included):

  • Use the included gauge or stencils to form petals with the wire.
  • Recommendation: work with smaller shapes, with a max overall diameter of 1.5 inches.

 Using the gauge:

  • Select a gauge size & wrap the wire around it once . Wrap both ends of the wire together along the grove to create a secure base.
  • Wrap the wire again around the gauge. Tie off at the grove.
  • Repeat until your desired number of petals.
  • Slide the wire off & cut from the spool.
  • Fan out the petals to form a flower.


Use the gauge the create single petals and combine them later, after using the UV dip.

Shaping Petals

Use your hand the bend or pull the wire. Use pliers to create fine-tuned points, ridges, etc.

Using the Dip:

  • After forming your wire shape. submerge into the UV dip jar.
  • Slowly raise out of the jar. Wait for excess resin to drip off. You can also use the lip of the jar to accomplish this.
  • Cure under a UV lamp for 1-3 minutes on each side (depending on strength of lamp).
  • Add color- use colored UV resin, nail polish, or glass paint.
  • Add embellishments such as the micro pearls.

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