March 2023: "Resin Dipped Flowers"

Bring beautiful flowers to life.

Craft stunning resin-dipped flowers. These one-of-a-kind floral pieces feature delicate wire frames dipped in vibrant, glossy resin.

Experiment with making your favorite flowers. Play with their own unique colors, shapes, and textures.

& Unlike real flowers, these will last for years to come. 




Never tried UV resin dipping? Don't worry, we will teach you! This kit will come with a detailed tutorial. The medium takes a bit of trial and error. But, by watching & reading our tricks, you'll learn how to avoid common mistakes.

We will also teach you how to wrap the wire to form different shapes and configurations for flowers.

Included supplies:

  • UV resin dip (in a sealable jar)
  • Wire
  • Wire gauge with 6 sizes
  • Pigments
  • Instructions
  • & more accessories and supplies!

Some ideas for your finished flowers: 

  • Turn them into jewelry
  • Use in fairy gardens
  • Adorn a headband
  • Create a bouquet in a small vase 
  • Add them to a sun catcher




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