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October's Kit Packs a Great Value

What Can You Expect With Craft Kitsune?

Lots of craft supplies to test & play around with! Plus, at least one guided project with a dedicated video tutorial.

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 "This box is not just a one project and done box like some other craft boxes. It allows you to create multiple items and use your imagination to create outside of the box." 

 "The crafts are unique and beautiful and the value of each box is well above the price. I thought I had seen it all from my hours of surfing Pinterest but I’ve been introduced to so many new things in this box! I wish I could get them more often than once a month."

 "The items included in the boxes aren’t easily purchasable in the US, or at least I can’t find them for a reasonable price. Liz, the seller, labels and explains everything perfectly, so even a beginner (like us with this resin) can make a wonderful piece they can be proud of."