CRAFT KITSune is a unique, monthly subscription service for crafters. Each month features a different medium. Common mediums include UV Resin, 2-Part Resin, and clay! There is a suggested project (or multiple) for each box but enough supplies and variety to use on your own, unique projects.
The number of items in each box will vary month to month but subscribers can expect to receive the materials and tools necessary to complete at least one finished project each time.
Craft Kitsune is a a one-woman show with a little help from friends and family.

Making Crafting Fun & Easy

  • Save Time: each and every box has a dedicated tutorial video to guide you along the suggested projects.
  • Save Money: each box is curated to include everything you need to make a finished craft project. The value of each box is well over the price you would pay to purchase supplies separately.
  • Less Hassle: skip or cancel your next renewal (for monthly, recurring plans) using the Customer Portal. Do so up until the 10th of each month to avoid being charged for the next kit.


The Owner

Hi! I'm Wendy :)

I curate, pack, advertise, and do everything else in between for Craft Kitsune.

My passions are: spreading creativity, traveling, camping, outdoors, crafting, playing video games (mostly Nintendo), and being an entrepreneur.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am also the one who answers any and all e-mails to wendy@craftkitsune.com


How It All Started

I had the idea for Kawaii Craft Kits (now "Craft Kitsune) for a few years before launching it. I have a love of crafting, Japanese culture, and subscription boxes. So, this is the perfect business for me! I am deeply passionate about the mission behind Kawaii Craft Kits: to deliver creativity. The majority of the craft supplies included in each box are impossible to find in the United States either in-store or even online. I want to deliver these more niche types of crafts to my customers whether they are interested in learning the new types of crafts or expanding their current collection of supplies and skills.

I set out to launch the box in August of 2018. I was fortunate enough to participate in Cratejoy's Accelerator Program. The program taught me about how to run a successful subscription box business and I sent the first boxes out that December 2018.
I have loved every step of the way and everything I have learned. I look forward to curating each month for my wonderful subscribers. I hope that I have inspired a community of crafters and taught new and veteran crafters alike a thing or two. I am so thankful to run Craft Kitsune and look forward to many more kits ahead of me!