Rewards Program

Earn loyalty points to be used on craft supplies! The program has changed for the new customer portal. Regardless of your sign-up date and portal version, you will be earning points on your Craft Kitsune purchases.

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Get rewarded each time your Craft Kitsune plan renews!

1 Month Renewal = 1 Point

Existing subscribers: log-in here to track your points. 

You can use your points to claim gift vouchers to use on certain items in the One-Time Shop! The Shop contains lots of awesome craft kits & supplies straight from Japan!

Here is a sneak peek:


○ Exclusive to current Craft Kitsune subscribers.

○ Cancelling your subscription will forfeit your loyalty points. You can skip a month by logging into your account if you want to keep your points but want to skip a particular theme.

○ Vouchers are one-time use, so plan to use up the entire amount if possible!


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