All About July's Kit

Make miniature treasure chests with working hinges!

Designs on the featured, exclusive mold:

  • Chest base

  • Chest lid

  • 2 side pieces for lid

  • 4 hinges

  • 2 rods

  • 2 "lock" pieces


The lid and base are hollow! The lid is curved yet does not require a 2-part mold (yay!). Instead, it can be rotated out of the mold. The sides can be attached easily using the built-in notches on the lid.

Included supplies: 

  • Exclusive Treasure Chest silicone mold (set of 2 molds)

  • 2-part 1:1 ratio resin

  • Gem silicone mold

  • "Unsinking" glitter

  • Gold & silver half pearls in 2 sizes

  • Super glue

  • Instructions

All shipped inside a Craft Kitsune custom box, protected with an outer shipping bag.


Make your own:

Completely customize your own treasure chests!

Make them in a variety of colors & styles. Decorate them as you wish.

They make great trinket boxes, dice holders (holds a standard set of 7), keepsakes, etc.




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