Important December Kit Update

A subscriber who received their December kit let me know that the Opaque White UV Resin is actually... clear. This was not intended at all. I tested a few bottles from the leftover kits and they were also clear.

 I am currently in communication with the supplier. Today they told me to shake the bottle well as the pigment can settle in the bottom. I did this and even stirred the entire bottle. It still came out clear. I let my supplier know and will have to wait until Monday to learn more. I hope to remedy this situation by sending a replacement white UV Resin bottle to all subscribers. I'll send out another update once I know more. 

When you receive your kit and have tested out the UV resin, please let me know if it is clear or white by filling out this poll. This is not required but will give me a gauge of how many kits are potentially impacted.

In the meantime: You can still use the Taiyaki Ice Cream mold! You can use air dry clay, polymer clay, or even paint the clear UV resin after it has cured. You can also mix your own opaque white pigment into the clear UV resin or even directly into the bottle (I've done this myself in the past to make a large batch of white UV Resin).

Please know I am and will continue to do my best to remedy this situation and provide the best possible craft experience for y'all. I hope you enjoy your December kit regardless and look for another update very soon!

P.S. - Leftover December kits will not be listed for sale until after this issue has been resolved and they are ready to ship with white UV Resin.

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