2020 Kits

December 2020: Taiyaki Ice Cream

Make your own miniature taiyaki ice cream with UV resin!
Featuring the very first exclusive CLEAR silicone mold designed by Craft Kitsune. You can also use the mold with clay! Custom designed & produced exclusively for Craft Kitsune. 

Included Supplies:
 ◦ Exclusive Taiyaki Ice Cream Silicone Mold
◦ UV Resin - Opaque White, 25mL
◦ UV Brush-On Gloss Varnish & Sealer
◦ Chalk Pastels
◦ Hand Drill with 1 & 2mm Drills
◦ Silver Findings & Gold Hair Pin
◦ Embellishments - Tiny Colored Micro Beads & Lemon Slices
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

November 2020: Sakura Snowflake

Make your own Sakura Snowflakes with the exclusive Craft Kitsune mold. This is a versatile mold with lots of possibilities. Make it into a shaker, a picture frame, a mirror, an ornament, and more! However you decide to make your Sakura Snowflake, each will be one of a kind just like a real snowflake. Perfect for winter decorations or as gifts.
Designed exclusively by and for Craft Kitsune. 

Included Supplies:
◦ Exclusive Sakura Snowflake Silicone Mold
◦ 2-Part Epoxy Resin 1:1 Ratio
◦ Iridescent Sakura Glitters
◦ Diamond Beads
◦ Silver Ribbon
◦ 2, 2" Mirrors
◦ 10 LED String Light (Warm White)
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

October 2020: "Stained Glass"

Make your own stained glass effects in resin! Includes Vitrial paints- perfect for painting on resin as they are clear paints. Use the Cerne Releif Outliner to trace your design (pick one of ours or draw your own) onto a clear layer of 2-part resin inside the circle mold. This will act as a barrier for the paints to be applied in each individual section. A final layer of resin will keep your design and paint secured and shiny!

Included Supplies:
◦ Pebeo VItrail Pain Set (Crimson, Lemon, Orange, Chartreuse, Sky Blue, and Gold)
◦ Pebeo Cerne Relief Outliner in Black
◦ 1:1 Ratio Epoxy Resin (100mL)
◦ Silicone Mold - Circle (5 inch inner diameter)
◦ 2 Templates- Kitsune & Spider Web
◦ 2 Blank Templates
◦ Clear Display stand
◦ Pipettes
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

September 2020: Witch's Brew

Make your own miniature cauldrons & potions! Uses both 2-Part and UV resin. Features the first exclusive mold set designed and produced for Craft Kitsune.

Included Supplies:
◦ Cauldron Mold - Base & Lid
◦ Potion Bottle Clear Silicone Mold Set
◦ 100mL Epoxy Resin (1:1 Ratio)
◦ 10mL UV Resin Pearl Black Resin Ink
◦ Submersible LED Tea Light
◦ Binder Clips
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

August 2020: Desktop Accessories

2-Part Resin kit includes all you need to make functional pens and storage units. All the necessary starter tools for 2-Part Resin come in this kit, making it perfect for beginners!
Use your creativity to craft your own writing pens and craft storage unit.

Included Supplies:
◦ 1:1 Ratio Epoxy Resin (200mL)
◦ Silicone Mold - Organizer
◦ Silicone Mold - Pen + 5 Ink Cartridges
◦ Silicone Work Mat
◦ 250mL Silicone Measuring Cup
◦ Solid Ink Pigment - Light Blue
◦ Solid Ink Pigment - Light Green
◦ Mixing Spoon
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

June 2020: Mold Making

Make your very own clear, silicone molds! There are two types of mold making mediums included. Learn how to use each one in the dedicated tutorial video.

Included Supplies:
○ Free Molding Agent (20g)
○ 2-Part Mold Making Silicone (200mL)
○ Silicone Cup
○ Fox & Mushroom Acrylic Pieces
(custom for this kit and designed by @jade.grove)
○ Premo Polymer Clay in "Rhino Gray"
○ Cookie Cutter Set (60, 70, 80, and 90mm diameters)
○ Cricut Joy Transfer Tape 5.5"X48" (StrongGrip)
○ 100mL Measuring Cup
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

May 2020: 3D UV Resin

Create textured effects using a special formula of UV resin.

Included Supplies:
◦ 3D Art Color Resin in Opaque White - 20 mL*
◦ Gypsum Powder (10g) & Silicone Mold Set*
◦ Pigment Inks: Carmine, Blue, and Yellow
◦ Embroidery Design Film*
◦ Pasty Bag Set (5)*
◦ Thin Line Nozzles (3)*
◦ Decorating Nozzles (5)*
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

*Imported from Japan

April 2020: Kaleido Frames

Kaleido Frames are home decor projects. A wooden hoop is lined with tulle and then embellishments such as drled flowers, pom-poms, reindeer moss and more are glued to the fabric. This gives the look that the arrangement is suspended inside the frame.

This kit comes with enough material to make two Kaleido frames- one circle and one oval.

Included Supplies:
◦ 2 Dried Flower Arrangements*
◦ Embroidery Hoop - 5"x5"
◦ Embroidery Hoop - 3"x5"
◦ Reindeer Moss
◦ White Pom-Poms
◦ Jute Twine
◦ Hercules Glue
◦ 6" Tulle Circles (white, 6)
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

*Imported from Japan

March 2020: Crafty April

Includes 30 craft supplies in individual, secret packets so you can open as an advent calendar & participate in #craftyapril!

Included Supplies:
1. Sakura Open Bezel 2. Galaxy Animal Stickers 3. Smiley Face Clay Cane Slices 4. Purple Alcohol Ink 5. Miniature Cup with Dome Lid 6. Star Shape Glitter 7. Filigree Silicone Mold 8. Rainbow Acrylic Gems 9. Alphabet Mold 10. Glass Globe With Cap 11. Black Flocky Powder 12. Ocean Frame Bezel 13. Red Alcohol Ink 14. Miniature Glass 15. Set of Pressed Flowers 16. Pastel Pom Poms 17. Constellation Metal Embellishments 18. Cloud Clay Cane Slices 19. Gem Silicone Mold 20. Clock Metal Embellishments 21. Miniature Crown 22. Yellow Alcohol Ink 23. Hoop Mold 24. Pom Pom Keychain 25. Bell for Keychain 26. Crystals 27. Miniature Key/Wand Mold 28. Miniature Cup with Flat Lid 29. Miniature Strawberries 30. Phoenix Open Bezel

○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

February 2020: Crafty April

Make your own Merry-Go-Round! Includes a rotating base that also plays music & lights up with LEDs. All supplies have been curated to allow you to put together a spinning merry-go-round complete with four animals.
Use your creativity to craft your own unique carousel!

Included Supplies:
○ AB Resin (3:1 Ratio) - 120mL
○ LED, Rotating, Music Base
○ 2-Part Trinket Box Silicone Mold
○ Raised Lip Coaster Silicone Mold
○ Animal Silicone Molds: Dolphin, Unicorn, Deer, and Swan
○ DecoArt Extreme Sheen Paint - 24K Gold
○ e6000
○ Acrylic Dowel Rod - 3" length, ¼" diameter
○ 8 Wood Dowel Pins - 3" length, ¼" diameter
○ Illustrated sticker by @jade.grove
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay

January 2020: Shakers

Everything you need except for baby oil to make your own kawaii shakers!

Included Supplies:

○ 8 Silicone Shaker Molds
○ 120mL AB Resin in 3:1 Ratio
○ 10mL Clear UV Resin
○ Blue Alcohol Ink
○ Fuchsia Alcohol Ink
○ White, Opaque Alcohol Ink (Low Density)
○ Transparent Film for Shakers
○ Squeeze Bottle with Needle Tip
○ 10 Bails in Gold & Silver (20 total)
○ Sakura Keychain in Gold & Silver (2 total)
○ Filler Set - Gems & Gold Pieces
○ Illustrated sticker by @jade.grove
○ Illustrated pin designed by @aether.jay