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June's Kit: Shadow Box

Cast your own shadow boxes using 2-Part Resin.

June features two exclusive, clear silicone molds - a box & its lid. The lid friction fits around the edge of the box to complete a flush shadow box.

The inside of the box is 3.6" x 3.6" & 1.6" deep.

Fill them with your own creations, memorabilia, art, and more! Use resin casting techniques to create stunning works of art. Can also be used as a great diorama base. Since the boxes are flush, you can easily stack them together. More supply reveals & content about this kit will be posted throughout the month on social media.

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Shadow Box designed by Craft Kitsune's owner & sole employee, Liz (a 3D design nerd & creator). Mold produced exclusively for the June Craft Kitsune.

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