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House & Dollhouse Combo

House & Dollhouse Combo

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Save even more when you order both the House Assembly & Dollhouse molds! 

1 of each:

House assembly molduse with resin to assemble your own tiny houses. The walls are slanted on the ends to allow for easy assembly. Arrange the pieces to create your ideal configuration.

Dollhouse mold: use with resin to make your own dollhouse with a hinged lid. Uses the same hinge system as the book box & treasure chest molds.

Designs on the house assembly mold:

  • 2 blank walls
  • 1 front wall (brick texture)
  • 1 back wall  (brick texture)
  • 2 side walls  (brick texture)
  • 2 roof pieces (with shingles texture)
  • 1 triangle for roof   (brick texture)
  • 1 triangle for roof with window   (brick texture)
  • 1 door

Designs on the dollhouse mold:

  • 1 dollhouse base
  • 1 dollhouse lid
  • 1 door
  • 1 chimney*
  • 4 hinges
  • 2 rods for hinges

*The chimney can also be used with the House Assembly mold.

The shorter wall pieces from the House Assembly mold can be used to create room dividers for this dollhouse.

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